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Dr. Sarkis Mesrobian

Dr. Sirvart Mesrobian

Dr. Antranig Mesrobian

Dr. Sarkis Mesrobian’s journey from the bustling landscapes of the Middle East and Africa to the entrepreneurial hub of the United States has shaped his remarkable success as a visionary businessman. His investment ideology germinated during his formative years, enriched by the myriad cultures he encountered. This global perspective not only ignited his entrepreneurial spirit but also laid the bedrock for his diverse ventures.
Upon arriving in the United States during his formative years, Dr. Mesrobian’s thirst for knowledge led him to a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from UCLA, which would become the cornerstone of his pursuits. He seamlessly transitioned into the healthcare sector, earning his title as a doctor of chiropractic. This journey saw him establish thriving private practices across California and Illinois. As part of a pioneering team, he contributed to the creation of the revolutionary Hydropulse Unit, a marvel tailored to treat acute traumatic injuries, showcasing his commitment to innovation and advancement.
Yet, Dr. Mesrobian’s journey transcends the bounds of healthcare. His astute acumen has sparked triumphs in consulting, real estate, fintech, food and beverage, and biotech. The breadth of his ventures underscores not only his versatility but his profound impact on diverse industries. Dr. Mesrobian’s story is an embodiment of an entrepreneurial spirit that defies convention, fueled by an unrelenting drive to make meaningful, lasting change.

Dr Sirvart Mesobian Sirvart Mesrobian is a licensed clinical psychologist providing mental health services in a private practice setting in the Los Angeles County area of California. Her academic journey began with a bachelor’s in Psychology from Mount Saint Mary’s University, and later pursued a doctoral degree from Alliant International University. Sirvart has worked within the food and beverage industry, mental health, as well as with artificial intelligence. Sirvart’s focus within her work has sparked her creativity to better understand and incorporate health and nutrition and to expand her knowledge to all consumers. Sirvart’s passion for nutrition and entrepreneurship has sparked her desire to create change within the food and beverage industry by offering consumers a desirable product that meets their needs for variety, health and convenience.  As a co-founder of Daily Farms, Sirvart is concentrating on products that are accessible to consumers out-of-the home as well for use in the home.

Dr Antranig Mesrobian

Antranig Mesrobian, leading Daily Farms, embodies relentless ingenuity and a commitment to tangible change. His academic journey started with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Loyola Marymount, sparking a fascination with the human experience. With this foundation, he pursued a Master’s degree in Global Medicine from the University of Southern California, where he confronted global inequalities, sparking a relentless drive for transformative change on both local and global scales.
Antranig’s debut venture, OLIS, a fintech disruptor, directly addressed the weight of student loan debt. His entrepreneurial prowess and resolute intent to challenge norms were evident as he sought to alleviate financial burdens for students and professionals. This endeavor showcased his entrepreneurial acumen and unwavering determination to challenge the status quo.
Transitioning to healthcare, Antranig’s focus pivoted to smile restoration, demonstrating his ability to excel in diverse realms and highlighting confidence’s integral role in healthcare. With a Doctorate in Dental Medicine expected in 2024, his odyssey continues. An entrepreneur at heart, Antranig identified market gaps and established Daily Farms, aligning consumer preferences with global responsibility. This initiative bridges individual choices to global impact, fostering conscious consumption and kindling hope for a brighter future. Through Antranig’s determined efforts, the fusion of innovation and action paves a pragmatic path toward meaningful change.